Have you noticed that there seemed to be more and more skunks out lately?

They are definitely creating a stinky problem in Rockford and the surrounding communities.

There doesn't seem to be a day that I'm not driving to work or running errands when I smell before I see a smashed skunk carcass on the roadways. A lot of the times I'm finding them in town not along the country roads I drive.

What's up with that?  Why are they're so many as of late?

According to the Chicago Tribunethe warmer winters we've had plus the decrease in diseases that effect skunks is the main reason for the explosion in their population.

Skunks typically are effected by distemper and rabies and both of those diseases are on the decline.

Also according to the Trib, more people are manicuring their lawns and that means an increase in grubs which skunks feed on.

If you find that either you or your pets have had the unfortunate run in with a skunk there is a home remedy to remove that awful odor. "The University of Illinois Extension, suggests applying a solution made up of one quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, a quarter-cup baking soda and one teaspoon liquid soap (no water) to eliminate the stench from a pet or person who has been sprayed.This solution can be used safely to wash skin, clothes and dogs, though the peroxide may lighten the fur of pets."

Well I guess now we know the reasoning behind so many of our stinky friends are out and about, now we just need to try to avoid them. P.U.!


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