What's With All the Skunks?
About a month ago, I began frequently seeing skunks wandering around some yards in my neighborhood. Now, I'm seeing more--many of them after an automobile encounter.
What's With All The Skunks?
Have you noticed that there seemed to be more and more skunks out lately?
They are definitely creating a stinky problem in Rockford and the surrounding communities.
Time To Be On The Lookout For Skunks in Illinois
It was around this time last year that my dog Lucy had her first encounter with a skunk during mating season--and it did not end well for Lucy. After 5 or so treatments with skunk smell removing solution, Lucy began to be a bit more tolerable to be around. She'll be delighted to know that the s…
Look out for Skunks
As much as I love the Disney character Flower the Skunk, it's unfortunate that real Skunks aren't as sweet.
With the warmer temps look out for skunks as they out prowling about. You may meet them in an unhappy way with your vehicle, just as I did today.