In the fall, why does Rockford smell like skunks?

For the past couple of weeks, on my to the radio station in the morning, I smell a skunk at least once. Sometimes it's multiple locations. Could there really be that many skunks in Rockford?

I detect it so frequently, I started to think it was people enjoying the new marijuana laws in Illinois. Okay, I know that s a little outrageous. I just thought it was funny imagining.

I remember the same thing happening as a kid, so you can stop making the Rockford stinks jokes.

During the summer, sometimes I get hit with the aroma but not this often. Is there a reason why it's everywhere all the time?

According to the Forest Preserve District Of Dupage County Facebook page...

Are you noticing more skunks lately?

The first drop in temperature signals that it’s time for this year’s kits to...

Posted by Forest Preserve District of DuPage County on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Well, that makes sense. Maybe, that's why people wear their masks while driving in cars by themselves.

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