Who knew that a simple conversation between a father and daughter would spark the beginnings of a new non-profit organization in Rockford that's dedicated to helping the areas homeless teens?

A lot of times when I think about homeless people, I think of the posters we see of older, disheveled men sitting on street corners. However, homelessness knows no difference in who the person is. It shares the faces of men, women, children and teenagers.

That's where a simple question asked by Kevin ware's daughter "Where do homeless people get their clothes", created a new place to help cloth Rockford's homeless teens.

Kevin told the Rockford Register Star that's where the idea to start Just Breathe 815 came from.

He launched the organization over three months ago with no money, clothes or resources just a mission. as they stand today, they have exceeded his expectations to help teens here in Rockford to have clothing to wear to school that makes them look and feel good.

The Rockford Register Star states that Rockford ranks second in the state with highest rate of homeless teens and the number is still climbing.

During the 2016-2017 school year the Rockford Public School's Families in Transition program helped over 2,588 youth alone.

Wow! And to think that number just keeps increasing every year.

Kevin and his staff, which is made up of family members and a few volunteers, asked local businesses if they could put donation bins in their places to colect clothes for teens. They will then pick up the clothing, launder them, sort them and then once a month hold a distribution day.

They do this out of the Second First Church on North Church Street here in Rockford. Once a month visitors are allowed up to 10 items of free clothing along with a packed lunch courtesy of a generous sponsor, dentist Roy McNitt's office.

Coming up this August 7th - 11th just Breathe 815 is holding a clothing drive at Rockford's City Hall. Donations of clothing can be dropped off anytime the building is open.

To learn more about Just Breathe 815, you can visit their website here or follow them on facebook at Just Breathe 815.

Isn't that awesome?! A simple question and a desire to help others birthed a wonderful organization for teenagers. A place where they can get changes of clothes and feel better when attending school. Not having to wear the same outfit over and over, because that's all they have. This gives me the serious case of the feels and puts a smile on my face.

Kevin Ware and his Just Breathe 815 is definitely being a light in a dark place. Giving hope and comfort to those in need.





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