As much as I love the Disney character Flower the Skunk, it's unfortunate that real Skunks aren't as sweet.

With the warmer temps look out for skunks as they out prowling about. You may meet them in an unhappy way with your vehicle, just as I did today.On my way into work, heading West on Guilford Road, I ran over a skunk. Eww.

I wasn't the first to hit the critter. Poor skunk. I was the secondary hitter. Yet, I still got some of the odor.

I'm hoping, that because I was the secondary, that the stench will dissipate as it sits in the parking lot today. I got to tell you, that last 5 minutes of the car ride into work, was horrible. I could taste the stink as I was breathing and I rolled the windows down. Ick!

I found an article through Yahoo that gave tips to ridding your car of skunk odor.

One tip, I think this will help me, is to run your car through a car wash that has an undercarriage wash. It said you might have to do it twice depending on the smell.

Another tip, said to place a bowl of coffee grounds in the car to absorb the smell. I can do that.

Hmm. If it doesn't go away today, guess where my car is headed to? Yep the nearest gas station that has a car wash.