In Rockford neighborhood, a shopping cart was found.

Do you have the Nextdoor app on your phone? If you don't I highly suggest downloading it immediately. It makes for interesting reading.

If you're not familiar, according to, "Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information." It is actually very helpful and keeps you updated with things going on in your area.

Sometimes, there are some entertaining posts. I noticed this one today. "A shopping cart showed up on the corner of Colorado and Wesleyan Ave. If it’s yours, come get it. If it’s not yours but you want it, come get it."

I'm a curious person. That location isn't too far from my house. It was a nice fall day, so I decided to take a walk to investigate the situation for myself. I headed to the intersection of Colorado and Wesleyan.

I was disappointed at first because I didn't see it. Luckily, I don't give up easily. Someone must have moved it because it was a couple of houses down just west of the corner. It was like I found the treasure on my map. I had to take a picture. Now, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take a selfie with it.

I saw a couple of possible witnesses in the area. There were a couple of kids smashing rotten pumpkins in their driveway with hammers. They claimed they didn't know anything about it. They seemed a little preoccupied with their own project, so I believed them. I wanted to find out more about their current situation but I didn't want to lose focus on the cart.

At this point, I'm just concerned about this shopping cart. It seems to be lost in the middle of a neighborhood with no stores anywhere close. Unfortunately, there's no real way to find out the true story without any clues and I had none.

My first guess is that it was stolen. Is a store missing it? They aren't cheap. What if it was a smaller place with only a few carts? Having one missing could be a big deal. I worked for a grocery store in high school for a month. One of my duties was to bring in the carts from the parking lot. I know how serious management takes those carts, so I'm worried that a poor employee is getting into serious trouble right now.

Though shopping carts are meant to be taken outside, I don't think being out in the elements for an extended amount of time is good for its condition. Rust could start settling in. You definitely don't want a wheel to go bad. That just makes for a miserable shopping experience for the user.

There is the possibility that it actually belongs to someone in the neighborhood. In that case, I hope they find it soon before something terrible happens to it. Somebody could ghost ride it into the creek. Then all hope is lost.

Please pass this information on so hopefully we can find the owner before it's too late.

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