There's nothing worse in life than losing something that means a lot to you.

I've lost many personal items, and the feeling that you're never going to get it back is awful. It's actually fairly common that people lose their class rings. What's less common is people finding that ring years later and reuniting the owner with it.

Mike Counter is the director of media relations for St. Norbert College. He's been using his metal detector for over 30 years and he's always wanted to find a class ring. Mike said he was using his metal detector behind one of the school's halls when he found the 1976 Holy Cross High School class ring under about 4 to 5 inches of soil.

In all the years he's been metal detecting he finally found a class ring. Next step, find the owner!

UPI details -

Andy Caldie, a researcher at St. Norbert College, helped Counter determine that Holy Cross High School had merged with another Catholic school that recently closed down. Counter discovered the school had been run by the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, and he was able to get in touch with Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp, the school's former principal.


Once that was all figured out it was time to contact the owner of the ring. They used school records and the initials on the ring, "JRD," to identify the likely owner as 1976 grad John Daciolas who now lives in California.

Apparently the story is John was walking to his dorm at St. Norbert in 1976 when he dropped his ring into the deep snow and was unable to find it. It ended up being a seriously epic reunion.

He got the ring and it still fits!


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