There is no worse feeling in the world than having something stolen and feeling like you'll never see it again.

Stories like this never fail to blow my mind. They feel like something straight out of a book or a movie. When a story like this comes full circle it's truly a miracle. This time that miracle happened in the Menominee River in Wisconsin.

A diver was looking for trash and other sunken items at the bottom of the river when he came across a pillowcase wrapped around a couple of heavy boxes. Definitely not something you find every day at the bottom of a body of water.

He posted a video of his findings to his YouTube page -

Then the real crazy story starts.

The diver said a friend recognized the family from the obituaries and said he should contact Marinette resident Gary Edwards. Gary had confirmed the boxes had been stolen from his home during a break-in about a year and a half earlier.

Gary had assumed everything was gone for good and couldn't believe he was actually reunited with his stolen stuff.

It would've been easy for the diver to take the treasure for himself or even sell it. But instead, he did what a good person should do and this story came full circle in the most amazing way.

I guess this is just proof that if you've had something stolen from you, you never really know if it's gone for good or not.


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