There's no better feeling than finally finding that one thing you lost.

It's one thing when you lose something around the house, it's a whole different story when your things get stolen. That's the case for the Ryder household in Wheaton, IL. It turns out a purse had been taken during a home burglary in August 2019.

Public works employee Rocco Sangiacomo was performing maintenance on a storm drain in the Chicago suburb when he came across a purse that still had the owner's driver's license inside.

They were able to trace the woman down and realized she lived at the listed address just two blocks away from the storm drain. But the story doesn't end there! The city of Wheaton posted an Instagram about the story and they detailed -

Since that time, Wheaton Police in cooperation with neighboring police departments identified a suspect through fingerprints connecting him to several alleged crimes, and the individual is in custody facing charges of residential burglary.

What a full circle story!

This is just a great reminder that just because you lose something doesn't mean it's gone. I feel like this happens a lot with class rings. Just the other day a Wisconsin man had his class ring returned to him after a school employee found it with his metal detector. Something I'm sure the man never thought would happen. Especially considering the ring was found FOURTY FIVE years later.

So if you've lost something meaningful, let this story give you some hope that one day it may return.


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