Are you ready for your "Aww Factor" of the day?

Watch as the Shedd Aquarium's penguin chick takes its first swim proving it's ready for viewing of the public.

ABC7 shares that the 3 month old Magellanic Penguin took its first swim on Thursday right along side Mom and Dad and did swimmingly great.

The Aquarium said that it recently lost it's fluffy infant feathers to the waterproof adult feathers which now "allows the chick to swim and dive underwater." 

Right now the chick has yet to be named as the aquarium will need to do a blood test to determine if it's a he or a she, but once they do that the honor of naming the baby chick will happen.

For now you can enjoy seeing it swim alongside Mom Dad and the rest of the penguin colony "at the Shedd Aquarium in the Polar Play Zone."

To learn more about the Shedd Aquarium or to make plans to go to see this little guy swim, click here.



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