Scotty McCreery's poignant single "Five More Minutes" comes vividly to life in a new music video. The clip paints the picture of all of the people in the singer's life whom he'd like to spend five more minutes with.

Dedicated to his grandfathers, the four-minute video includes home movies from some of the singer's biggest life moments. "Five More Minutes" was directed by Jeff Ray, who cut down more than 48 hours of McCreery family home videos for the project.

It begins with the day McCreery was born and shows him being held by his grandfather for the first time. Later, there is a shot of the star on the lake fishing with his grandfather, as well as McCreery impersonating Elvis Presley, performing at school recitals and talent shows and on intimate holidays, surrounded by family.

“The whole song is talking about time, and time gone by, and time you still wish you had, and those home videos are precious moments,” McCreery tells People. “Everybody’s got those kind of videos that makes you look back on your life.”

School photos, birthday parties, baseball games with his grandfathers in the stands and high school graduation day are more snippets of the young singer's life shown on screen.

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“There was always a camcorder, which is awesome – we wouldn’t have these memories you look back on now without it,” McCreery says of his parents capturing all of life's biggest moments. “They always had their old video camera.”

McCreery wrote “Five More Minutes” with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell two weeks after his paternal grandfather died.

“I’ve said before that ‘Five More Minutes’ is my favorite song I’ve ever written, and I think this music video may be my favorite video yet,” McCreery explains a press release. “This was the first time I had seen a lot of this home video footage. Having the chance to see both of my grandfathers again and to relive some of the experiences from my younger days brought both tears and smiles to my face. Just like the song, it brings back so many great memories. Jeff Ray did an incredible job of honing in on so many special moments from nearly 50 hours of home video footage. I’m very proud to share this with everyone.”

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