Have you ever taken part in filling a time capsule? I was part of that process at Froberg Elementary in the late 80's and again at New Milford school in the 90's and I've always wondered if anyone has ever actually dug up those capsules. Apparently, people do dig them up, or at least try. RPS 205 officials are doing this at some of the schools that are about to be torn down. The problem is no one has been able to locate the time capsules buried in the 50's, 60's, or 70's. According to WREX, the struggle is real.

On Tuesday, school officials were at Walker Elementary School. They're using metal detectors and digging up anywhere they think a time capsule might be. While they came up empty-handed this week, they say they'll keep looking even during demolition.

Does anyone else see the irony is burying a time capsule and then forgetting where it is several years later? Also, if you're expert in finding buried treasure things or might know where the capsules were buried, call 815-966-3000.


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