Is Lunch shaming a thing? Apparently so.

I'm not being insensitive, it just never occurred to me as an issue because I don't remember being aware of who received free lunches and who didn't when I was a kid. Times have changed and kids are 100% more brutal than they were ten or twenty years ago. As a parent of a third grader, I can completely understand Senator Steve Stadelman's initiative to put an end to underprivileged children feeling like they're different than their more fortunate peers.

According to WREX, Senator Stadelman's bill would put an end to students wearing something indicating they receive a free lunch.

It (the bill) would require Illinois schools to provide a meal to any student that requests one. It would also mean the state can't withhold tax refunds to parents who owe more than $500 and are making a "reasonable effort" to pay their child's lunch debt.

The bill will likely pass through the full house but let's say it didn't, shouldn't our kids know better than to mock peers over something that is beyond their control? Yes, kids are living in a different world than millennials and older, but it's on the parents to raise their children to understand no one is better than anyone else.

Personally, my wife and I instill this idea in our children every day, especially our oldest. One of his greatest is not seeing anyone for their color, size, gender, but for who they are as a person. If only the rest of the world shared that mentality.


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