If you love rhubarb or if you've never had it but are open to trying something new, then you need to check out the Rhubarb Festival happening tonight in Rockton!

Rhubarb is an interesting plant. It's leaves look like kale, but aren't edible. It grows in stalks like celery. It's taste is rather tart to almost on the sour side.

Growing up it was normal to see a giant path of it at the end of our garden. My sister's and I used to tear off their giant leaves and run around the yard with them on our heads like hats, pretending to be Robinson Caruso.

Not only did it fuel the imaginations of us kids there are also interesting dishes and treats you can make with it. One of my Mom's specialties is Rhubarb Crisp. Yummy.

Now tonight you can get your rhubarb fix at Carriage House Museum in Rockton. There you'll find that everything is made of rhubarb. It's the annual fundraiser for the Rockton Township Historical Society.

The event is at 6pm, but to hold you place in line you may want to stop by the Carriage House by 4 to pick up your numbered ticket to reserve you place in line.

Admission is free but donations are excepted. Plus proceeds from all the rhubarb baked goods will be given to the Historical Society.

For more details visit: rocktontownshiphistoricalsociety.com