Did you turn off your heat for the season? If so, get ready to fire it back up. It's going to be c-o-l-d on Friday, colder than the previous Christmas.

The Rockford area saw an unusually warm Christmas day in 2019 with a high temperature of 59 and a low of 33. The average high temperature for Christmas in the forest city is 31 and a low of 15, according to AccuWeather. This weekend will likely be a good example of weather in the midwest not being able to make up its mind. Get ready for a body shock as it goes from just right to "what the heck?!" in less than 24 hours... and then back again.

Thursday's high temperature for Rockford isn't looking too bad, with a high of 65. Tomorrow though is a completely different story. The evidence is clear, Mother Nature isn't ready to yank the cold temps just yet. Friday's average high temperature 69 with a 37, which would be great if it were what is forecasted for tomorrow. The high is only expected to be around 47 (colder than the high temp on Christmas of 2019) with a low of 29 (colder than Christmas' low in 2019.), according to Weather.com.

Isn't this almost expected? If you've lived in the midwest long enough you come to expect the weather to throw a curveball every now and again. The problem with the sudden change in temperature and weather is the cause it can have in drivers in Illinois. Every time it rains or snows there's just enough drivers who forget how to drive and cause kerfuffles. Dress warm and drive safely this weekend.

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