The Tommy Bartlett Show organizers made a big announcement in regards to their upcoming 2020 season, which will not happen for the first time in 69 years. The show, which always kicks off on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, runs twice daily, through Labor Day weekend. But, with Wisconsin's "Safer At Home" the show can not go on this season, according to a press release from Tommy Bartlett Inc.

This is a very difficult decision for us to make, but having a little more than a 100- day window in which to host our Shows, leaves us with limited options to proceed.

If you don't know the story of The Tommy Bartlett Show is a small family-owned business and will no doubt take a major financial hit by not running the show. Their income from the show is generated in only a three-month period, which means this could be catastrophic for the show that's been running since 1952.

The residual effect of shuttering the Show also includes loss of a major live entertainment option for visitors and cancellation of a multitude of vendor contracts for outside agencies and suppliers who support the Show.

The show's vice president and general manager, Jill Diehl, is optimistic about the show returning in 2021 despite the financial burden not running in 2020 will create.

While we know there are no guarantees, we are going into this with the forethought that this will not be the end. We will push forward with a plan to reopen the Show in 2021.

It wouldn't be negligent to assume this will be the case for many shows and attractions in Wisconsin, in Illinois, and other states across the U.S. Let's just hope a successful coronavirus vaccine comes along sooner than later. Until then, wear a mask in public, wash your hands, and make sure you're getting factual information.

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