Avid sports fans have been itching for anything sports-related for the past few months and this is what we get if we're a Chicago Bears fan? Somebody should throw a flag because ESPN's Mike Clay either isn't impressed with Nick Foles being Chicago Bears' starting quarterback or doesn't trust the team's defense. Either way, he's put the Chicago Bears as one of the worst NFL teams of the 2020 season.

Mike Clay shared his NFL 2020 predictions on Twitter and left put Da Bears at a below mediocre 6-10. As a Chicago Bears fan, I understand Trubisky stinks and isn't cut out to be a starting QB in the NFL. Let's not forget Nick Foles is in the "competition" for grabbing the starting position. Sure, if Foles lands the gig and gets injured the team is screwed but if he lasts the season unharmed this could be the shot of insulin the team needs for a shot at the playoffs. And, that defense though, there's something brewing and it smells delicious.

So Chicago Bears is ranked at #26 for the upcoming 2020 season and if that's the case, it'll be a long season again for Bears' fans. But, based on the team as it stands, on paper this team shouldn't suck as bad as Mike Clay claims. NBC Sports Chicago agrees with Da Bears not completely sucking.

This is a 10-win team, at worst.

If Clay's predictions hold the NFC North Division will look like this at the end of the regular season; #1. Minnesota, #2. Green Bay, #3. Detriot, #4. Chicago.

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