I love poking around in thrift shops. You just never know what cool things you'll find.

Now, I can add one more shop to the mix as Rockford's newest thrift shop has recently opened.

Rockford Rescue Mission held a grand opening this past, Friday September 22nd, for their newest thrift shop Remade at 611 W. State Street.

Remade is a store that in a sense takes what was someone's old and now has renewed and remade it new for someone else's home. All items in this store is everything you will need to beautify your home.

Take a look at their facebook page below, showing a smidgen of all the wonderful treasures you could fill your home with. The best part is that not only will the items be at a cheaper cost but the proceeds go back to helping a great organization here in Rockford.


I can't wait to get my shopping on here. I have so many ideas of what I want to do to freshen up the look of my home. Heck! If I can find items on the cheap that's even better!

The Rockford Rescue Mission's mission is to Rescue, recover, restore and when you think about it with this new home goods thrift shop they doing the same thing. They're taking what was old and making it new again!

To learn more about the Rockford Rescue Mission, click here.

To stay up to date and see all the Remade has to offer visit their facebook page: Rockford Remade I.




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