Next time you hit up Target, Walgreens or Walmart, maybe grab a few of these 'needs' for the Rockford Rescue Mission.

If you watch FRIENDS, you know the episode where Phoebe discovers there are no self-less good deeds.

She tries and tries to do good things and not get anything out of them, but that's the point isn't it... to feel awesome after doing a good deed!

No we don't always needs a party or a parade celebrating us when we do something good for someone else, but that feeling you get when you realize you've helped someone in a positive way, that's what keeps us going and keeps us helping others.

Maybe this month you need some of that good feeling.

Something that will absolutely make you feel great is donation items to the Rockford Rescue Mission.

They just shared their 'July Needs,' list on Facebook and these are all things you can grab the next time you run to take care of your own to-buy list.

You can bring your donations to the Rockford Rescue Mission at 715 W State Street anytime Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Then you'll feel pretty awesome for helping out the community.

Are there other places in the Rockford area that you like to donate to?

Let us know!

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