No names, just things that are naughty.

We went to Facebook to ask what should be on Rockford's naughty list this year and the only rule was no individuals' names. We weren't disappointed by the responses.

Here's what made Rockford's naughty list this year.

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A few people suggested potholes be on the list, and they're right.

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Matthew put roundabouts on the list... but maybe it should be people that still don't know how to USE a roundabout?

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Randy kept it simple with, "snow." Snow isn't so bad as long as it's only a few inches.

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D said "noisy neighbors." Umm, is she my neighbor???

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Julie added lazy shoppers to Rockford's naughty list.

When people shopping and throw the clothes on the ground when done looking at them.


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And, yes, someone went ahead and added all of Illinois to Rockford's naughty list.

Feel free to add your suggestion to the list.

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