After a group of Byron students was punished for streaking with an oreo wedged where the sun don't shine, many have wondered why they'd that it. We might know.

Though the incident happened awhile ago word is circulating once again because a story about an oreo and a butt will do that. Apparently, a group of Byron Tigers players went streaking across the football field with each having an Oreo cookie wedged in their buttocks. Naturally, we all asking, "why?!" Well, we did some Googling and here's what we're learned.

First, Urban Dictionary described it like this,

When several people put a cookie in between their butt cheeks while fully nude, (Jock straps ARE acceptable) and race down a field. The losers must eat their cookie. If it falls out, it also must be eaten.


The students may have seen it on the sitcom Blue Mountain State. reported their parents confirming it was NOT a hazing incident. As punished, the players missed the last three football games of the 2018 season, including the state championship game.

And, in case you missed it on Late Night With Seth Myers...

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