Like most of us, Rockford resident John Gile is tired of the crime plaguing our city, and he believes that the fight against it begins at home. Here's how you can get involved with his "Eyes-On-The-Street-Initiative".

John Gile is a veteran who recently told Eyewitness News;

Being American is not a spectator-sport," said Gile. "If you want something to happen, it's up to you to make it happen. We can't sit back and expect others to do these things. We can't just turn it over to the police, we have to help them. We have to cooperate with them.


Gile also believes combating Rockford crime begins at home, with a small $50-$100 investment . Here's how Gile's "Eyes-On-The-Street" initiative works:

  • Individuals and neighborhoods work together to post security cameras and surveillance notices outside their homes and buildings to discourage illegal activity that will be caught on camera.  
  • When a recorded incident happens, residents provide the information to police or Crimestoppers. 

Criminals prey on easy targets, and sometimes something as simple as a security system sign can deter them from victimizing your home or neighborhood. The risk just isn't worth it to them. The best part about Gile's "Eyes-On-The-Street" initiative is that the security cameras used only cost about $50-$100 and require no installation, computer connection or monthly fee. They are free-standing and are able to record several days of recording before the memory is wiped and starts again.

To get more information on being a part of this initiative check out Gile's website here, or email your name, phone number, and how you would like to help to

Any stand we can take against this rampant crime has to help, right? Let's take this city back, together.



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