The Rockford School District can be proud of this statistic. It land one school on the list of the Top 10 elementary schools in Illinois.

The SchoolDigger website compiled their best schools list and ranked top elementary, middle and high schools in Illinois.

Among the information used to compile the rankings were factors such as:

  • Enrollment
  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Percent low-income students
  • Average test scores


10. Half Day School in Lincolnshire

9. Meadow Glens Elementary School in Naperville

8. Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center in Chicago

7. Washington Gifted School in Rockford

6. Iles Elementary School in Springfield

5. Decatur Classical Elementary School in Chicago

4. McDade Elementary Classical School in Chicago

3. Edison Elementary Regional Gifted Center in Chicago

2. Skinner North Elementary School in Chicago

1. Blaine Elementary School in Chicago

According to SchoolDigger, Rockford's Washington Gifted School has

    • An enrollment of 500
    • A student-teacher ratio of : 20.1
    • Percent low-income students of  24.4%
    • Average standard score of  99.76

Reboot Illinois reports that standardized test scores are heavily weighted in the rankings. But nevertheless, it's great to see a Rockford School on a list like this. Hats off to the Students and staff of Rockford's Washington Gifted School.