Rockford is gearing up for a busy fall as they plan to make the city greener.

Greener as in adding more trees.

WREX reports that the city is planning on adding and planting more trees to one replace the 800 trees they have taken down and the 1,000 more slated to be removed due to decay and being infected by the Emerald Ash Borer and two to make the city greener.

However, they need our help in planting more trees. The city needs people to request trees. If you really want more trees on your property and will take care of them, the city will oblige and plant those on your property.

Panting trees not only add more oxygen to the air which improves our air quality but it also keeps the city cooler from the radiant heat. Trees not only look good but the keep things clean to.

"The city says they plan to issue a PSA next month to encourage residents to reach out to them about getting a free tree planted in their yard." If you're interested in having trees, then be looking for those PSA's.

I love trees, I grew up surrounded by trees, so if I lived here in the city, I'd certainly be in line for trees to grow on my lot.