One of Rockford's favorite dessert makers wants to make even more treats but needs help to make it happen. That's where the community comes in.

Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records has been serving up sweet goodness for a few years now and it's one of those dishes you need to bring to your next gathering. This isn't an ad, this isn't an endorsement. This is me telling you there will be no regret is sharing anything you can eat from Kate's Pie Shop. You have to call ahead, though, if you want to bring some home. This is where Kate is looking to upgrade to accommodate. Skeptical? You're not alone.

After I first heard about this I sat back and wondered why the community is needed to help Kate's Pie Shop if they're in such high demand. Then, I put myself in their position. I compare this being an event DJ. I would love to have a new setup and have more access to music options, but it all comes out of my pocket. Kate's Pie Shop said it best in their Go Fund Me campaign.

We need to make more pies. We need money to buy this oven, in order to make more money to buy this oven, we need to make more pies,  to make more pies we need this oven.

The goal is $4,308 and donations can be as little as $5, which will score you a cup of coffee at Kate's Pie Shop. There's more donation levels with the highest getting you one fresh 10 inch pie a month for a year. Check out Kate's Pie Shop Cafe and Records' Go Fund Me page here.

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