Apparently geese are on track to take over the Stateline, and the Rockford Park District is on a mission to stop them...with our help.

I get that an abundance of geese, (and their droppings) in our local parks are a problem, but I legit didn't know that the Rockford Park District has something called "The Goose Management Program" or that they have cute doggie vests to go with it.

If your fur baby is of a herding breed, or looks similar to one, you can fill out a volunteer application now on the Rockford Park District's website, or contact Faye Burlo at for more information on the Goose Management program.

FYI, I did see someone comment on the RPD's Facebook link that their Chihuahua loved to chase geese and they were told to apply, so I'm guessing any breed could long as their goose harassing game is strong.


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