Mosquitoes suck, literally. With County Thunder kicking off this week in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, we need to know the best ways to repel mosquitoes that doesn't include constantly spraying our bodies down with the yucky stuff.

When it comes to bugs, I am a diva. If it buzzes, sucks, crawls or bites, I hate it and will avoid being around them at all costs. What I hate almost as much as bugs is spraying myself down with bug repellent to keep the nasty critters off of me. Sadly, it appears my three-year-old is following my bad example and now refuses to go outside because she might get "bumps".

I've tried that store-bought "natural" insect repellents and they still suck. I've looked online for DIY insect repellents, and have come across tons of ideas to try that include:

  • Rubbing a dryer sheet on your skin and pinning one to your clothes or in your pant pockets.
  • Mixing concoctions of essential oils like lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, soybean and tea tree oil.
  • Slathering your skin in Johnson & Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil or Avon's Skin So Soft.
  • Eating lots of garlic and/or rub a cut garlic clove on your skin.

Minus the garlic, these options all sound so much more appealing than spraying my body down with Off!, but I want to go with the sure thing. Please help me. What is your fool-proof way to keep annoying skeeters away? Please save my daughter from a life of hiding indoors during the summertime to avoid getting "bumps".

Share your tips in the comment section below, pretty please!


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