When you see someone you know succeed in the field they've chosen, it's pretty awesome!

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Back at Harlem, we had German class together and I don't think much German was learned, aside from some of the basics and a couple of curse words but we did have fun. Now Veach is living the dream and just landed a sweet gig in the process!

Aaron Veach, or Veach as I've always called him, moved out to Californa several years ago to go after his dream of being an actor. Like lots of people, we used to go to school with we keep up on social media.

Aaron Veach via IMDB
Aaron Veach via IMDB

I remember him posting a couple of different times about getting a role in this or in that. I'm still hoping to catch him on an Investigation Discovery show one of these days.

All his hard work has really started to pay off as he just announced, he's the voice of Prowl for the Netflix series, Transformer: War for Cybertron Trilogy!

His character appears in four episodes this season, but I'm not that far yet so no spoilers to Prowl's fate if you already know.

So proud of you Veach!! This really is a nerd like us dream come true!!!

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