When you think about summers as a teenager you remember all the fun in the sun, the swimming, going to friends, the parties. But do you remember using your time to go and do manual labor of pulling weeds and yardwork for fun and not because your parents assigned you the tasks?

That's local high school students are doing this summer. As they've partner with a church to clean up Rockford schools before they start back up.

In this WTVO News report, high school students from Hononegah and Harlem have joined up with Grace Lutheran Church for their 20th annual Summer Clean-Up, a program in which they go to Rockford middle schools and make a difference you can see.

Typically the church goes to the poorer areas of Tennessee and New Jersey for their Summer Clean-Up, but this year they decided to stay close to home to serve those in their own backyard. They've spent time cleaning Westview, Eisenhower and Fairview schools as well as serving food at the Rockford Rescue Mission.

Wow! Now I think that is so cool. What an awesome way to teach kids about caring for and looking out for others. As the Golden Rule says "We should do unto others and we would like for them to do unto us." They are the good deed doers for the day, I'd say.

Speaking of good deeds, the Wake Up Crew is looking for good deed doers here in the stateline area. They want to reward them for going above and beyond to help others. If you know of anyone like this, please let us know. Click the button below for all the details and how to nominate your good deed doer.





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