Clean Up

Clean Up Rockford
There is a local group here in Rockford that is trying to clean up the city one person at a time and now they are looking for your help.
Starved Rock Cleaned Up
There is something about a walk in the canyons at Starved Rock State Park in Utica. Then there are people who think vandalizing caves will do good.
Summer Clean Up Project
When you think about summers as a teenager you remember all the fun in the sun, the swimming, going to friends, the parties. But do you remember using your time to go and do manual labor of pulling weeds and yardwork for fun and not because your parents assigned you the tasks?
That's local high schoo…
Beautify Rockford
The streets of Rockford are going to get a make over coming up at the end of this month as two groups join together to beautify the city.