There is something about a walk in the canyons at Starved Rock State Park in Utica. Then there are people who think vandalizing caves will do good.As reported in the Chicago Tribune, vandals over the Memorial Day Weekend decided to spray paint their names on canyon walls inside the park. Why someone would think that is a great idea is beyond me. This is not the first time that the park has suffered vandalism. There have been hundred of names spray painted over times.

That is where a Good Samaritan comes in. A Chicago area company heard about the graffiti and decided to offer the services. Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studios, Inc contacted the park and found out they had no budget to clean up the mess. The company offered their services for free.

How did they remove the graffiti? Lasers!

"Bartosz Dajnowski, vice director of the company, used a laser to remove the graffiti from the rock face. The laser, which does not damage the rock, allows the paint molecules to soften and be removed. Crews also found some of the paint was water soluble and removed it with water, rags and a bit of elbow grease."

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