When the weather sucks really bad as it has in Rockford the last few weeks, someone has to be punished, right?

Well, Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea and Winneabgo County Sheriff Gary Caruana decided Eyewitness News Meterologist Ryan Belz was the suspect they needed to apprehend, and I couldn't love this more.



It looks like Chief O'Shea and Sheriff Caruana will have some new job duties tomorrow morning. Hopefully they feel comfortable in front of a camera and green screen. LOL!

Here's one more fun fact about Meterologist Ryan Belz that you might not have known. besides being a criminal, he's also the reigning Plinko King on the Price Is Right. Seriously. Here's the proof...


In lieu of bail money, Meteorologist Ryan Belz is asking for you to donate to the "Rockford Celebrity" Polar Plunge team he will be jumping with on March 2, 2019...if he gets out of jail in time. Please make a donation now by clicking here.

Ryan, we love you. Thanks for always making us laugh!

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