The fantasy football season may be over but for one Rockford man it will never end, at least the memories of the 2016-2017 season. Look at the debt he paid for losing.

You have to give credit to someone that keeps their word, especially when it comes to something like this.

A group of Rockford-area members of Sunday’s R 4 Da Boys fantasy football league raised the stakes by agreeing that the loser gets permanent memorabilia should they finish in last place. The league's manager, Spencer Lee, came up with the idea of the losing team captain getting a real tattoo to commemorate the defeat.

The last place tattoo idea was actually voted for by the whole group at the league draft. We thought it was hilarious.

That's what one of the members, Jacob Starr, told me. Jacob also happened to own the team that finished in last place. Did he uphold the agreement? You can bet on it.

Rockford Fantasy Football Tattoo
Submitted by Jacob Starr

League manager, Spencer Lee, wrote about it on his football blog.

On Sunday, February 26th, at around 7:30 pm, Rockford’s Jacob Starr was given this beauty at Delicious Ink in Rockford, IL.

Smart stipulation? Debatable. Either way, that's one heck of a way to make sure everyone in the league is keeping their team to best possible standards.

Let this be a lesson to the people that get upset over their significant other losing a few dollars every year.

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