We've all been chomping at the bit to get outdoors and have some fun. My kids have literally been begging to put their gloves on to dig in the dirt for weeks now, (which is something they have never asked to do before, so I am assuming that is just how starved they are for outdoor fun). Back to my point though...ready for some good news?  Now that Spring is finally here, Rockford-area Lowe's stores are giving us the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun with nature.

According to thrillist.com, Lowe's stores all over the nation will be handing out different, free gardening kits to customers each week in April. Each week's featured kit will only be available while supplies last, but you can't just roll into the store and ask for one, you need to register to get one first at lowes.com.

The first free gardening kit from Lowe's will be available on April 8, 2021, but registration for it will open this Thursday, April 1st, at lowes.com. Here are the themes for each week's free garden kit according to Thrillist;

  • April 8: Includes recipes from cook and food stylist Amanda Frederickson
  • April 15: a mystery garden piñata with mystery seed packets
  • April 22: Earth Day tree saplings
  • April 29: Create-your-own butterfly garden set

I'm pretty sure my kids will be all about the "mystery garden piñata" and the "create-your-own butterfly garden" kit, so I'm going to keep a close eye on Lowe's website for when registration opens for both of them! Now I'm hoping that getting these free kits from Lowe's will inspire my children to help mommy pull weeds this summer too. 😜

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