It seems impossible to view any screen without consuming opinions about kneeling during the national anthem. It's a debate that will continue for a long time and, no doubt, continue to be controversial. In the world of social media it's apparent there are more people willing to express their opinion in the form of text versus actual conversation. (Remember, there is nothing wrong with uncomfortable conversation.) One Rockford-area gas station owner has decided to share their stance in a very public way; through their marquee.

Vince's Depot (a.k.a. Vince's Slots) is a gas station on North Alpine in Loves Park that carries everything you might find in a typical convenience store. It's located near a busy intersection, which could be why the owner has decided to express their thoughts on the controversial subject.

Vince's Slots Marquee (B)
Submitted Photo

After asking many of the veterans that I know where they stand with kneeling during the national anthem it became apparent that the response is 50/50. There is nothing wrong with that. THAT is what is great about being Americans, we are allowed to have separate views. And so goes this sign - there's are no offensive language, no crude images, none of the "seven words." Whether some agree with the sign or not, it's perfectly okay.

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