An Illinois middle school is gaining an increasing amount of attention for a very concerning reason, allegations of ignoring a sexual misconduct report. by one student to another.

A concerned mother shared the alarming subject matter on social media in hopes of the school taking action in regard to the allegations by her daughter.

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Harlem Middle School- Loves Park, Illinois

In the lengthy message posted to Facebook, a mother expressed reasonable anger and frustration about the lack of attention from Harlem Middle School in Loves Park, Illinois. The allegations involve physical contact the mother says is sexual assault. The mother said she's been unable to speak directly with the school's assistant principal, only receiving responses via email.

I have been trying to deal with the assistant principal at Harlem Middle School, where ***** goes. ***** has repeatedly been sexually assaulted by a boy she has in almost every one of her classes. ***** has filed incident reports; I have called, left messages, gone in person all to no avail.

Her message details that the alleged physical touch has happened repeatedly and she's beyond frustrated with the school's reaction.  Parents of school-age children and teens will understand the frustration of a lack of communication in regard to a sensitive and potentially criminal situation.


The rightfully irate mother explained the student in question attempted to touch her child again recently but the child ran off to a close friend for help. The friend had witnessed the groping prior and also reported the prior incidents.

Unfortunately, the child's friend didn't handle the attempted touching by taking matters into his own hands.

Well (he) said that’s enough and beat the perv up. He was protecting his sister and the 2-3 other girls this has been happening to. He did an amazing thing since no one else was doing anything.

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Student Potentially Charged For Defending Another

Because of his actions, the child's protective friend is said to have charges filed against him by the alleged groping student's parents and by Harlem Middle School.

However, brother is now suspended, having charges filed against him by pervs parents AND by HMS!!!! For doing a job they weren’t doing. For protecting these girls when the principal would say “well I’ve talked to him.” Obviously the talk went over swimmingly.

Obviously, this is an incredibly sensitive situation and there are two sides to every story but, if there's one thing you don't do, is a mess with someone's child. As of this article, the mother's post has not been updated with new information. You can read her entire message here.

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