This cemetery in Belvidere may appear little but it has some big stories attached to it. In fact, so much talk and so many past visitors the street's sign was allegedly changed to make it more difficult pinpoint. (Really, the sign was renamed to "Bl Pt" in hopes that people would stop stealing it.) The entrance to the actual cemetery is unmarked, but we know it's there and it's creepy as heck.

Yes, Bloods Point Road sounds creepy and Bloods Point Cemetery just ever more creepy, but it wasn't intended to be. History proves the origin of the street and cemetery name, according to Rock River Times.

In the 1830s, Arthur Blood became the first white settler in Flora Township, giving his name to the cemetery and the road that leads to it.

Even with that factual bit of information, we've all heard the eerie tales of Bloods Point. Stories of ghosts, mysterious trucks, children laughing, flashlights flashing, and more. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

Here's what had to say about one of Illinois' most haunted cemeteries.

Hellhounds have been spotted guarding the cemetery, and there have been several reports from visitors that the dogs do in fact attack, but they vanish after biting their victims, so catching them is virtually impossible.

I, personally, have a story or two about Bloods Point, only one of which I'll share because it's the only one that seems realistic. It happened when we ventured near the "crumbled foundation" off Sweeney Road and headed into the wooded area behind it but didn't make it far before my flashlight (with new batteries) started turning on and off. Honest truth. I get chills just thinking about it.

It's stories like those that put Bloods Point in the #1 spot on's These 9 Haunted Cemeteries In Illinois Are Not For the Faint of Heart...

Named for a man called Arthur Blood who settled in the land, some unfortunate events have taken place around this cemetery. There have been multiple hangings and a deadly school bus crash in and around the area. Today, locals report phantom vehicles, a dog with red, glowing eyes, a vanishing barn, and the sounds of children laughing,

... and on Huffpost's 13 of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in Illinois.

Bloods Point is home to all sorts of scary stuff (even though it may not be 100% true) and please remember trespassing is illegal and so is vandalism. Do not go on private properties like idiots myself have done.

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