Many people have reported experiencing strange things in Room 507 of Milwaukee's Ambassador Hotel. Could it really be haunted by the ghost of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's first victim?

The Milwaukee Cannibal

Anytime I see a story, headline, or TV show featuring the name Jeffrey Dahmer I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Is it because I have sick entertainment tastes? Possibly.

Is it because my mind gets constantly blown by just how sick and twisted Jeffrey Dahmer was? Heck yeah!

Milwaukee Police Department Mug Shot
Milwaukee Police Department Mug Shot



Of all the things I have read and watched about Jeffrey Dahmer, this haunted connection to Milwaukee's Ambassador Hotel is a new one.

The Hauntings of Milwaukee's Ambassador Hotel

In September of 1987, Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first Milwaukee victim, a man named Steven Tuomi, at the Ambassador Hotel after a night of drunken debauchery.  Dahmer killed Tuomi in Room 507 and then shoved his body in a suitcase, took it to his grandmother's house where he was living, and proceeded to do unspeakable things with the body.

Tuomi's death was tragic and horrible, and now many people believe his spirit still remains in Room 507 of the Ambassador Hotel.

Google Street View
Google Street View

According to a post I saw from Badgerland Legends on Facebook;

Room 507 has become a curiosity for some obsessed with Dahmer lore as well as those hoping to capture paranormal activity lingering from the grisly event. Researchers have experienced a profound heaviness within its confines. Some have said the place feels like “pure evil”. Other reports include disembodied screams and the feeling of pure terror while they stayed in the room.
I also found an article on that says;

Supposedly when Dahmer awoke to find Tuomi dead, the body was in an awkward position hanging off the side of the bed. Some visitors have reported instances of waking up to discover their partner in a similarly awkward position.

Are you brave enough to stay in Room 507 at Milwaukee's Ambassador Hotel? It's gonna be a big NOPE for me.

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