How about that for a ridiculous headline? It's true, kind of. A service dog of Facebook claims to see an honest President driving on the highway down in Springfield, IL. (Which almost makes this story legit.) Truly, you have to see it to believe it. (Or something...)

Gander, the service dog, has an interesting past and has received many awards. He's currently a therapy dog for veterans. According to his fan page,

He travels the country with his veteran who has PTSD and autoimmune mobility issues.

Here comes the, "he saw who?!" Get ready, and keep in mind - this was near Springfield, Illinois. (The state capital in case you forgot.)

Gander (or at least his owner) may have spotted 'Honest' Abe.

You've got to admit if that isn't an Abraham Lincoln impersonator he has remarkable resemblance. Look at Lincoln's presidential portrait.

U.S. Presidential Portraits
Getty Images

I suppose the driver of that car kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln. The question left unanswered is not the kind of car an 'Abe' impersonator would drive, but where was he going?

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