These new signs have been posted along the bike path in Hampton, IL. Any idea what they mean?

If you think these signs are for dogs, you are wrong! The town of Hampton has a serious problem and it is not the dogs that are causing the problem, it's people.

WQAD-TV reports that the town has been forced to post signs to warn humans to:

Stop pooping on bike path!

WQAD reports that Hampton’s Public Works Supervisor, Scott McKay, said it has been a problem for two years. And he knows it’s human poop. McKay says, "Well animals don’t carry toilet paper and then stuff it on the top. It’s gross and other people shouldn’t have to use our path like that."

WQAD reports that the person leaves toilet paper on top of the poop every single time.

Mckay said, "It’s a mystery to many as to why someone would do it, especially when there are public restrooms nearby"

You have been duly warned: No more pooping on the bike path!

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