Scientists have figured out a way to change turkey poop into fuel.

Now, that's something to think about as you're enjoying your Thanksgiving meal.

Whenever I fill up my car with fuel, get my gas bill in the mail, or pay my electricity statement, I think: 'there's got to be a cheaper way.'

Researchers are always working on a better way to do things. Sometimes their solutions are strange but as long as it works, I'm all for it. For example, how about using turkey poop as a source of energy?

According to,

"They say that when cooked under the right temperature, pressure and other conditions, turkey droppings transform into a form of coal, which can fuel power plants and serve as a renewable resource."

"The Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology focuses on ways to transform waste into resources and has been experimenting with various forms of manure — an environmental hazard. In industrial agricultural operations, animal waste is usually treated with chemicals, burned or just dumped into landfills, where it contaminates groundwater."

It actually sounds reasonable to me. We have two problems working together to form a solution. Of course, there's a lot of science involved which I don't really understand. If you want details, check out HERE.

This brings up a serious question. Could you cook a turkey with turkey poop? The answer is yes. Will it taste okay? They say it should. In fact, the material the droppings are turned into smells like coffee. Well, I wonder if Starbucks would start selling coffee flavored turkey.

By the way, this organization is working on other kinds of waste to be turned into fuel too. With all the wild turkeys running around Rockford, this could work out great for the residents of the Forest City.


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