Did you know that one in four people will be cooking a turkey for the first time ever this Thanksgiving? I am not one of those people. However, that's a lot of people making a turkey for the first time. I feel like the room for error when cooking a turkey is ... huge.

Sure you can go to Google and ask how to cook a turkey, or you can break out an old cook book and try to figure it out. But the best way to learn how to cook something for the first time is to get tips from the professionals. And I don't mean chefs or professional turkey cookers, I mean those people who have been hosting Thanksgiving for years and could cook the turkey with their eyes closed.

We asked on Facebook for tips for fist time turkey cookers and our listeners did NOT disappoint.

Help the first timers out with your turkey knowledge!

Posted by 97ZOK on Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Here's 10 tips on how to make sure you have guaranteed turkey success from Rockford Residents -

  1. Do not put it in the microwave
  2. Get two good thermometer’s and use them for the whole cooking time. One for white meat and one for dark
  3. Put the butter (lots of butter) and all your seasoning under the skin before cooking the turkey. This will help you have a juicy flavorful turkey!!!!
  4. Thaw your turkey in advance! 
  5. Deep fry it
  6. I cook mine in a turkey bag...cuts the time a bit and so good
  7. Brine your turkey! Adds amazing flavor and moisture!
  8. a Turkey bag with your seasoning and extra liquid is a must. I personally use vodka and orange juice with my turkey. Plus the butter on top of the turkey. so flavorful and moist. almost always falls off the bone.
  9. Lasagna for Thanksgiving!
  10. All you need is Sam the Cooking Guy! I discovered him one year ago just for this sole purpose. Decided I wanted to take on the matriarch role and give my mother in law a break. The only thing I wish I did differently was thaw it longer, but it still came out fantastic and was the best turkey I've ever had (don't tell my mom!)

Here's that YouTube channel they're talking about-

I hope these tips lead you to a successful Thanksgiving dinner, but like that one tip said - when in doubt, have lasagna.

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