I seriously can't make this stuff up. There is a new website called My Friend Smells where you can anonymously send a stanky friend cologne wipes as a subtle suggestion that something may be up with their personal hygiene routine. 

I get that having to be around a smelly friend or co-worker constantly is a nagging problem. I also get that having a conversation with the person about their smelliness is not something anyone wants to do, but seriously, isn't this a bit extreme?

Here's how My Friend Smells works; you go to their website and order up either one cologne wipe for $1.99, or if the recipient is super smelly, you can send them a 4 pack of wipes for $4.99. The website will then attach a note alerting them of their odor problem, and send the package anonymously. So basically, you just need a credit card and an address, and you will be able to breathe easy again...hopefully.

Is it wrong that I kind of want to send one to Mark Charvat on April Fools' Day? No, he's not smelly, but man would it throw him for a loop! LOL!