It's been 17 years since the Friends cast said goodbye to Central Perk and yesterday their reunion special dropped on HBO Max. 

Hi, how are you? Or should I say, how you doin'?

In case you don't know I am a huge Friends fan. I started watching the show when I was seven years old and only missed one episode in the original line-up.

Since then I've probably seen every episode at least ten times and when I heard about the Friends reunion I wasn't sure how I felt.

From the time the show ended in 2004, the cast has always said they would not do a reboot, then this reunion popped up in the news right before the pandemic hit and I was just a confused fan wondering if this was a good idea.

Turns out it was just fine.

Here are ten of the thoughts I had while watching the reunion yesterday.

  1. The first five seconds were unnecessary... no one died, we can keep the music upbeat.
  2. It's super cool to see the set laid out like this and watch the cast walk onto the soundstage.
  3. Can someone dye Matt LeBlanc's hair? How old is he? (He's 53 by the way).
  4. I thought Elliot Gould died, but I'm glad he didn't. Mr. and Mrs. Geller might've been the sweetest moment of the reunion.
  5. Whoa, David Beckham and I have the same favorite episode. I had no idea they made an episode like that to save money.
  6. Ok I'm vibing with this documentary take, I wasn't sure how BTS would fit in, but that made sense. Isn't Lady Gaga supposed to be in this, too?
  7. I think Matt LeBlanc is Joey Tribbiani in real life and I love that. Also I think  Lisa Kudrow is a little Phoebe? I don't think Ross and David Schwimmer have much in common, but he might be the best actor. Matthew Perry is not Chandler and that makes me sad.
  8. Bahahahaha ok Lady Gaga's part was actually perfection.
  9. Gunther!
  10. The last twenty minutes were the best twenty minutes.

I still don't know how I feel about James Corden hosting this... probably because I wish I was hosting it, but all in all it was fun. I'm not sure how high HBO Max subscriptions will rise with one hour and 45 minute special, but maybe this was what they needed to get everyone watching.

Now I need to go watch my favorite episode on repeat and see if I can tell Matt LeBlanc hurt his arm while running to the chair.

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