2020 is not completely worthless! We can socially distant visit the Friends experience in Chicago this fall!

In the words of Janice, Oh My Gawd, there's actually something we can drive to Chicago to do this fall.

I'm not gonna lie to you, when I first saw this pop-up on my social media I thought it was fake. Like some sort of mean joke that was being played on me. There's really a Friends TV Show experience coming to Chicago and they're ACTUALLY SELLING TICKETS TO IT?!

Nothing else seems to be happening, so I let it go in one ear and out the other.

Until one of my best friends and my absolute best Friends friend Elizabeth sent me the link and said she was setting an alarm on her phone to order tickets the day they went on sale.

I feel like museums and the like are actually benefiting from the social distance rules because we as customers will have a better experience if we're not all crowded on top of each other and this is definitely one of those experiences.

You can explore Monica and Rachel's apartment, the fountain, Central Perk, the PIVOT couch and more for basically $40 something per person, because you know taxes and fees.

I already have my tickets, thanks to Elizabeth, go get yours!

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