A special anti-microbial grocery cart handle covers are made by a Rockford company.

Every Monday, I get out of work and take my weekly trip to the grocery store to pick my family's food for the week. Of course, it's too much to carry, so I need to use a grocery cart.

When I grab a cart, I immediately think about germs on the handle. Even before the pandemic. Now, I prefer to shop at places that sanitize their carts for the customers.

With all the new safety products coming out in the past few months, I wondered if someone could come up with something for a grocery cart handle to protect users from bacteria.

I guess I wasn't the only one thinking that.

I have a friend who works at Siffron here in Rockford. He shared this great news with me. His company has created such a product.

Check it out...

Courtesy of Siffron website
Courtesy of Siffron website

I would definitely purchase that product. For more info, HERE.

If you're not familiar with Siffron. According to their website siffron.com,

"Siffron specializes in retail merchandising products for loss prevention, product facing, LED lighting, and fresh area merchandising for such industries as retail, grocery, and convenience stores. Additionally, we create custom fixtures and retail displays for any area of a retail store. Our team of designers and engineers can develop custom retail displays to fit your specific needs."

Another cool thing happening in our community.

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