So, what do you get when you combine eight miles of plastic wrap with 12 Rockford Christian High School seniors? A very cool senior prank!

With graduation around the corner, members of the RCS Class of 2017 wanted to come up with a unique way to "wrap up" their senior year, so they did what anyone would do, they grabbed boxes of plastic wrap and wrapped up the school.

RCS Seniors  Ezra Nitz, Carter Eldridge, Quinn Halversen, Andrew Villacorta, Benjamin Gomez, Benjamin Parazinsky, Grant Singer, David Prisby, Matthew Chaffin, Noah Wells, Will Mecklenberg, Erik Dingus, Paul, Vicky, Erik, Dave, Jarod Hook, and Cooper Swearingen spent seven hours putting their 'touches' on the furnishings of RCS.

From the school bathrooms, to the gymnasium and hallways, to the main entrance of the school, the students handiwork could be seen both inside and outside of the school. Virtually no part of the school was left untouched. Here is how things turned out.

A couple things worth noting. There was no damage whatsoever, and no one got to see the pranksters handiwork.

That right, the students said that all the plastic wrap was cleaned up by the start of the school day on Monday morning, before students and teachers arrived at the school.  Despite the fact that none of the other students got to see the handiwork in person, this masterpiece will live on through video.

On Friday afternoon, I spoke with RCS students Ezra Nitz and Quinn Halversen, and they told me the plastic wrap is not sitting in a landfill, but instead it is all rolled up in a giant single ball, and the students are using it to get exercise. Check out the interview below:


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