The phrase 'loud pipes save lives' has been around for a while, but Illinois wants to make that a thing of the past and confiscate your bike, if you are too loud.

An Illinois lawmaker has introduced legislation to muffle the sound of motorcycles and impose fines on bikers who have loud pipes. Another stupid idea out of Springfield.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Christian Mitchell of Chicago was introduced a bill to specifically address noise caused by motorcycles. Mitchell believes motorcycles are too loud

HB2402 would place a specific limit noise levels that could be produced by an motorcycle and would set a “three strikes you’re out” policy. That would mean if a biker in Illinois exceeds noise levels, a fine will be levied after the first two occurrences, after the third time, the motorcycle would be impounded.

Anyone who rides a Harley knows that loud pipes go hand in hand with the Harley experience.

The text of the bill states:

Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Provides that no person shall drive or operate a motorcycle with a noise level intensity at a distance of 50 feet from the centerline of the lane of travel that exceeds: (1) 80 decibels on a highway with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less; (2) 82 decibels when driving or operating a motorcycle on a grade exceeding 3% on a highway with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less; or (3) 86 decibels on a highway with a speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour. Establishes penalties

Chicago Tonight reports that the motorcycle lobby in Illinois opposes the bill.

Contact your Illinois State Rep if you oppose the bill, Info HERE.

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