The Rockford Rescue Mission helps those in need with food, clothes, shelter, counseling, etc.. in our city. A Rockford attorney has made it his mission to support in continuing their cause by challenging the community to donate.

WIFR reports the Attorney Peter Francis Geraci and his wife Holly offered the challenge that if the community comes together to contribute and donate $10,000 he will match it dollar for dollar with a$10,000 grant.

WOW! is that an awesome gift to the Rockford Rescue Mission or what. Just think how far that money, $20,000, will go in providing food, clothes, places to stay, and education and counseling for those who are in dire need.

Attorney Geraci said "A charitable contribution doesn't have to be a million dollars. It can be ten dollars or twenty dollars. And Rockford Rescue Mission has survived on very, very small donations from nice people who could possibly spare twenty dollars.”

He's absolutely right. If you can give big give big if you only have $5, give $5. It all adds up to building hope into others lives.

If you'd like to participate in this incredible challenge you can give on-line at or send your donation to the Mission at PO Box 1958, Rockford IL 61110.

This challenge truly makes me smile. Q98.5 has had several opportunities to work with the rescue mission in raising meals for those that visit their kitchen for meals and the experience is almost more than words can express. So to have a challenge like this on the table is really exciting and I can't wait to see the out pouring of the community and all the good that will come from this.