The pandemic has put a wrench if everything related to 2020, including Halloween. Sure, kids can still trick-or-treat in Illinois but what about us adults? We're not supposed to host/attend any sort of gatherings, not even on Free Print Day. Too bad for COVID, because the folks over at Rockford Art Deli have a plan for how to get your Halloween design on Free Print Day.

According to R.A,D,'s Facebook post, they're still offering their reoccurring "free print day" but hold off before jumping in line Halloween morning. In an abundance of caution, customers are not allowed to bring in their own garments to be printed on. Again, you can not bring your over clothing to be printed on. But, you will be able to buy a shirt with the print on it for $10.

This Halloween's "free print" design will have two design options available 3 unisex shirt color options. You will have the option to pick up the printed shirt in time for Halloween or have the shirt(s) shipped to you. The latter option may mean your shirt(s) do not arrive until after Halloween.

You can order adult tees HERE and kid tees HERE.

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